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Scent Marketing Consultancy Services

Scent Marketing is more than just diffusing a pleasant fragrance in a space. It is the art of taking a company’s brand identity, marketing messages, target audience and creating a scent that amplifies these values.

A scent has the ability to influence behaviour and trigger memories almost instantaneously. When smell is combined with other marketing cues, it can amplify a brand experience and establish a long lasting connection with consumers

Rent or Purchase

With flexible contract terms from 12 to 60 months you can select a term that best suits your budget. Monthly payments include the supply of both equipment and fragrances.

Fragrances will be supplied on a regular basis with the option of scheduled service and fragrances replenishment to suit your business desire.

 Rental options offer maximum flexibility; it's the use of the equipment not the ownership that produces benefits and profits.

For your convenience Olor Air Aroma also provides purchase facility for the equipment, combined with a contract for the regular supply of fragrances and an optional service and fragrance replenishment to suit your business requirements.

Event Scenting

Scented events are more dynamic and enjoyable than unscented ones because ambient scenting improves guest experience, ambiance and improves memory recall of your special event.

Event organisers may place great emphasis on the look of their event but often overlook the important factors of ambiance and mood. Let Olor Air Aroma improve your next event and provide a unique and memorable event marketing solution with our ambient event scenting solutions as well as our other scented solutions.


We are a scent marketing company, helping institutions and individuals apply scent marketing as part of their branding strategy. We design customize fragrance for companies. Our main products are Reed Diffusers, Electric Diffusers and Scented candles.


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