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We design and execute custom fragrance solution for brands, helping create memorable brand associations that transform consumer experiences. Check out some of our clients and projects below.

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Smell is the most powerful and emotional of all the senses, this is why it has the ability to transport you to a certain time and place, linking back to a particular memory or feeling. Diffusing the right aroma can reinforce your brand identity, create the perfect ambiance for your clients, employees and guests, and differentiate your business from your competitors. Research reveal that incorporating scent has a profound impact on how consumers regard a brand.

The right ambient scenting solution can enhance the in-store experience, creating a comfortable and positive environment which can subtly prompt consumers to spend more time in retail environments and increase consumer spending  - Gitta Quainoo 


We are a scent marketing company, helping institutions and individuals apply scent marketing as part of their branding strategy. We design customize fragrance for companies. Our main products are Reed Diffusers, Electric Diffusers and Scented candles.


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